Licensing Information for Academic Purchases

Licensing Information for Academic Use

  • A specific license will be issued
  • Maps are highest resolution, JPG format
  • Maps may be used in the classroom
  • Maps may be used in the Library if site is password protected
  • Maps may be used in a Journal
  • Maps will be provided via a downloadable file or DVD
  • Price depends on number of Professors/Teachers using the maps
  • Purchase Orders accepted

Licensing Information for use in an Academic Publication-Presentation-Thesis

Charges for a license for publications, presentations or a thesis are as follows:

  • 1 to 2 maps = $100.00 US Dollars
  • 3-4 maps = $150.00 US Dollars
  • 5-6 maps = $200.00 US Dollars
  • Maps can be sent electronically.

For license request or information email