North America Key Time-slice Series DVD


  • Time Slices: 40
  • Date Range: 540 Ma to Present
  • Resolution 4762 X 5956 pixels (~16 X 20 inches @ 300 dpi)
  • File format: JPG
  • Maps include coverage of the Arctic, Caribbean, Central America, parts of Western and Northern Europe, NW Africa, and Northern South America
  • State and Province boundaries are shown. Paleo latitude lines are also shown. Map projection is Transverse Mercator with 100 degrees W as the central meridian (same projection used on GSA’s Geologic Map of North America). Each time slice includes a full-resolution JPG file and ~1/4 resolution JPG
  • 2 terrane maps, 16 labeled plate-tectonic maps, and 15 facies maps (at least 1 per geologic period).
  • 6 text files include map explanations and keys, construction information
  • 16 pages of references – the sources of data used in constructing the maps.
  • Time slices include at least two maps from each period (except Silurian) including 4 Jurassic, 6 Cretaceous and 8 Cenozoic with 1 glacial maximum map
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