Frequently Asked Questions

Who may purchase these maps?

The maps are meant for Museums, Books, Oil Companies and Geo Surveys/Academics. They are not intended for personal use.

What is prohibited in use of the maps?

We do not allow the maps to be used in an Animation, Blogs, FB, Apps, Internet, Games, Sci Fi books, Puzzles, T Shirts.

Where is information on an Academic purchase?

On the Menu Bar “Academic Purchase

Are the maps copyrighted?

Yes and you must have a License from us to use them.

What maps are available?

The maps are divided into series but may be purchased individually. Map information, lists and samples can be found in the Map Room

How can I find out more details on the maps?

You can find detailed descriptions in the “Map Room” details on the series.

Are there other maps?


  • Maps of Rodinia (x9)
  • Glacial Maps (x10)
  • Other areas of the World

Please inquire.

Are there map samples?

Samples are in the Map Room

Can a map be labeled with a specific location, special feature or "centered"

Yes – there is a small extra charge if we do this

Can data be added to maps?

Yes – you may add data to the maps.

Are any of the maps animated?

A Global Animation and Pleistocene Animation are available


What is the resolution of the maps?

Resolution is the highest available and can be found in the map descriptions.

What type of files are available?

JPEG and Photo Shop Files (extra charge for PSD)

Do we provide "custom maps"

Yes – the charge depends on the estimated length of time to create the map

Can maps be used on your website?

Maps may used online but must have an imbedded water mark (there is an extra charge to post online) Maps may not be placed on Face Book, Blogs, You Tube or similar.

What is the price?

The price is determined by several factors and is individual for each use for example:

  • How will the image be used—static image, online, book, brochure
  • What size will the images be reproduced
  • JPEG or PSD file (extra charge)
  • Is Exhibit permanent or temporary
  • There is a questionnaire for each use that assists in determining a price—please request from:
Do we provide an invoice and license.


Methods of payment

We bill via PayPal to a credit card or we can do a direct bank transfer or check

How are maps sent?

Maps are sent via a link to Dropbox

How do I get more information?


A form will be sent to you asking for specific information on which we base the price and type of license.

Global Animation Sample

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Available in rectangular and Mollweide projections — 600 Ma to present. Customizations available.

Animation FAQ
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Allow yourself to be taken back into deep geologic time when strange creatures roamed the Earth and Western North America looked completely unlike the modern landscape.

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