Paleogeography of the Western Interior Seaway of North America DVD


  • Time Slices: 60 (many less than ½ million years apart)
  • Date Range: Jurassic to Cretaceous
  • Resolution: 2472 X 3342 pixels (~8 X 11 inches @ 300 dpi)
  • File format: JPG
  • 23 tectonic-facies-plate tectonic maps
  • 8 chronostratigraphic cross sections
  • Cretaceous depositional systems diagrams
  • Extensive reference list and additional explanatory material
  • Maps at same scale and resolution, and projection as Key Time-Slice Series but cropped to emphasize Western Interior and N. Gulf of Mexico
  • Maps are keyed to the Western Interior key fossil index zones (mostly ammonite zones). Transgressive and regressive events clearly stand out.
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