Colorado Plateau Geosystems Inc.

What are the time frames for the two animations?

Global 600 MA to Present Ice Ages 1.3 MA to Present

How can the Animation be presented?

Rectilinear, Mollweide or Spherical (may be centered on a location)

What are the pixel dimensions?

Up to 3000 x 6000


Image Sequence or mp4 movie

How many frames are available?

3000 frames, 6000 frames or 14,400 frames

Is customization available?

Yes–​​​to highlight the movement of a specific location such as a city or continent. Extra charge for this.

What is the price?

Pricing depends on the size of your Museum or Venue and exactly how the Animation will be used and displayed.

Who developed the Animation?

Dr. Ron Blakey, president of Colorado Plateau Geosystems Inc. Kate Raisz of 42 Degrees North Media in Boston.

Can the Animation be posted online?

No it may not, a License is issued which givesthe terms of agreement.

Where can I get detailed information?

Contact Dee