Animations Available

600 MA to Present

Ice Ages
1.3 MA to Present

Western Interior Seaway
Cretaceous 140 MA to 60 MA

Animation Projection

Rectilinear, Mollweide or Spherical (may be centered on a location)

Pixel Dimensions

Up to 3000 x 6000


Image Sequence or h.264 movie


7200 frames or 14,400 frames

Customization Available

  • Highlighting the movement of a specific location such as a city or continent
  • Labeling of Euramerica, Gondwana, Rodina, Pangaea, Laurasia
  • Labeling of modern-day continents
  • Labeling of geological periods (text or timeline)
  • Additional annotation and texting

Who Developed the Animation?

Dr. Ron Blakey, president of Colorado Plateau Geosystems Inc. and Kate Raisz Owner/Producer/Director of 42 Degrees North Media in Boston.

Where can I get detailed information?