Colorado Plateau Geosystems Inc.

Deep Time Maps™

Library Purchase

Maps may be purchased by the Library for use by current Faculty, students, staff.

Maps may be used in Teaching, Research, Journal articles, Talks.

This is a one time purchase in perpetuity.

Price is based on the number of full time undergrads and grad students.

Maps are used by many disciplines including: geology, geography, biology, anthropology.

There are seven (7) series available and are purchased individually:

  1. Global Paleogeography and Tectonics in Deep Time ©2016 (57 time slices)
  2. Key Time Slices of North America ©2013 (47 time slices)
  3. Paleogeography of the Greater Permian Basin ©2019 (22 time slices)
  4. Paleogeography of Europe ©2012 (25 time slices)
  5. Paleogeography of Western Interior Sea Way ©2014 (60 time slices)
  6. Paleogeography of Southwest North America © 2016 (78 time slices)
  7. Paleogeography of the Arctic ©2019 (15 time slices)

Maps are sent via Drop Box as JPEG files.

A “sample” library license is available upon request.

For more information contact